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Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum
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Sunrise Serum

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Strengthen the barrier of your skin and protect it during the day

A revitalizing, anti-stress serum with hyaluronic acid and high quality, active cosmetic ingredients.

The Sunrise Serum is a ray of sunshine that says “good morning!” to your skin every day! It will gently wake up your skin, leaving it ready for the day. It’s created with the highest natural cosmetic technology, reducing the stress in your skin and rejuvenating it.

Its ingredients, which include low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, protect your skin from external aggressions during the day, strengthening its natural barrier and leaving it more firm, hydrated, and filled. Its soft texture and subtle scent will make you love it: your daily self-care routine has never felt so nice!

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Sunrise Serum


What does it do for your skin?

Easy: it puts it in “zen” mode. Because, in case you didn’t know, stress is one of the biggest enemies of your skin, just like diet, lack of rest, and external aggressions such as the sun or pollution. These are all factors that influence the skin’s premature aging.

The Sunrise serum uses the most advanced science to extract from nature the perfect components for a soft, bright and protected skin.

Also… it helps regulate the skin’s microbiotics

We know, we know. Bacteria and fungi have a bad reputation. But they are part of our organism, and they are essential for its functioning. These microorganisms are what we know as skin microbiotics, and they should be perfectly balanced in order to do their job: creating a protective barrier on your skin, to keep it healthy. The Sunrise serum is especially formulated to help you have balanced microbiotics, which translates into a clearer, hydrated skin with fewer lines.

Science and nature, working to protect your skin

Nature and science are not synonyms, but they're not at odds either. In fact, with the Sunrise serum we have put together the best of each to benefit your skin. The serum has 99.7% of natural ingredients, but these ingredients are elaborated with the highest cosmetic technology in order to be effective.

For instance, our hyaluronic acid has an ultra low molecular weight, so that your skin will absorb it better. It also contains primrose abstract, which helps fight the effects of cortisol, the “stress hormone”.

Hyaluronic acid with ultra low molecular weight

With the years, your skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid is reduced, and wrinkles begin to appear. We have incorporated this vegetable synthesis acid, which penetrates the skin’s layers much better thanks to its low molecular weight - we have actually chosen the smallest existing molecule to maximally retain hydration in your skin!

Primrose abstract

Cortisol is the prime example of “stress hormone”, and its effect is that the skin starts to age prematurely. This ingredient, also known as primadulcine, blocks the levels of cortisol and their consequences on your skin. What do studies say of this ingredient? It increases hydration by 47%, increases the synthesis of collagen III by 73%, and repairs elastine synthesis by 74%.

Prebiotic extracted from a Mallorcan cave

This extremely strong prebiotic can only be found in an underwater cave near the island of Mallorca, and it’s responsible for balancing your skin’s microbiotics to minimize aging signs. You know that cosmetics prevent lines, they do not erase them. What we can do is to reduce and minimize them, and, according to studies, this ingredient is the most effective one. It has been shown that in 28 days it reduces skin roughness by 5%, and wrinkles by 10%. 

Growth factors

These skin proteins repair scars and overall repair the skin. That’s why we have added two of them, synthetized from plants. According to studies, the first one reduces the depth of lines by 39% within 28 days, giving the skin up to 10 years of physiological rejuvenation. The second one was added because, in addition to acting on fine lines, it reduces the size of pores and acts very similarly to retinoic acid by producing collagen I.