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Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum
Zoom Sunrise Serum

Sunrise Serum

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Reinforce your skin’s natural barrier to protect it during the day

Anti-stress and revitalising, with hyaluronic acid and the highest-quality active ingredients.

The Sunrise Serum is like a ray of morning sunshine on your skin. It wakes it up gently, revitalises it and leaves it ready to take on the day. It’s been created using the most sophisticated natural cosmetics technology to reduce signs of stress on your skin and inject years of life back into it.

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Its ingredients, including ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, protect your skin from external aggressions throughout the day, reinforcing its natural barrier and leaving it firmer, more hydrated and plump. Its dreamy texture and subtle aroma will mean applying it every morning becomes a tiny act of non-negotiable self-care.

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Sunrise Serum


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What does it do for your skin?

Simple: It’ll make your skin feel all zen. Because just in case you didn’t know, stress is one of the main enemies your skin comes up against when it comes to premature ageing. On top of nutrition, lack of rest and external aggressors like the sun or pollution.

The Sunrise Serum uses the most advanced technology to extract the precise natural components your skin needs to be left soft, luminous and protected.

It also helps regulate your skin’s microbiome

Although bacteria and fungi get a bad rap, they’re part of our organism and vital for everything to function properly. These microorganisms make up what’s known as the skin’s microbiome. They need to be perfectly balanced to be able to do their job: generating a protective barrier for the skin to keep it healthy.

The Sunrise Serum is specifically formulated to help you maintain a balanced microbiome, which translates into smoother, more hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles.

Science and nature working to protect your skin

Nature and science are not antonyms, nor are they at odds with each other. In fact, in the Sunrise Serum we’ve combined the best of both for the good of your skin. 99.7% of the ingredients are of natural origin, but we use the very latest in cosmetic technology to ensure they’re effective.

Hyaluronic acid with ultra low molecular weight

As the years go by, the skin becomes less able to produce hyaluronic acid, which is why wrinkles start to form. The one we’ve incorporated into this serum is plant-synthesised and, as it has a low molecular weight, it penetrates the layers of the skin much more effectively. We’ve chosen the smallest molecule available so it retains as much of your skin's natural moisture as possible.

Primrose abstract

Cortisol is the ultimate stress hormone, and a cause of premature skin ageing. This ingredient, also known as Primadulcine, blocks your cortisol levels, reducing the impact on your face. Studies of this ingredient have shown it boosts hydration by 47%, increases Collagen III synthesis by 73% and restores elastine synthesis by 74%.

Prebiotic extracted from a Mallorcan cave

A powerful prebiotic found only in an underwater cave on the island of Mallorca. It balances your skin's microbiota to reduce the signs of ageing. As you already know, cosmetics are to prevent wrinkles, not get rid of them. But we can take steps to minimise or fade them, and according to studies this ingredient is one of the most effective there is. It’s been proven to reduce roughness by 5% and wrinkles by 10% in 28 days.

Growth factors

Skin proteins that repair scars and generally restructure the skin. That’s why we've added two of them, both synthesised from plants. The first, according to studies, reduces the depth of wrinkles by up to 39% in 28 days and can physiologically rejuvenate the skin by up to 10 years. We added in the second one because, as well as acting on wrinkles, it reduces pore size and behaves in a very similar way to retinoic acid, producing Collagen I.

A ferment from the River Tinto

A ferment obtained from a microorganism that lives in the River Tinto, in the province of Huelva. This is a spectacular ingredient because it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, helping it regenerate, soothing it and boosting its firmness and elasticity. According to studies, after 28 days your skin's hydration will have increased by 26%, and its radiance by up to 47%.