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Midnight Elixir

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Your night routine in just one product

Oil serum with Bakuchiol + 7 active ingredients (30ml)

What if every night someone came and lulled you to sleep, singing sweet lullabies and watching over you, making your night as sweet as possible? Well, that’s what the Midnight elixir does for your skin.

The ingredients of this serum deeply nourish and hydrate your skin: the skin looks firmer, the fine lines are softer, any spot looks clearer. Besides, Midnight reduces acne and brightens your skin. Its cocktail of natural (99,5%), vegan, and kilometer zero ingredients has been carefully chosen to help your skin regenerate, repair, and wake up every morning feeling anew.

Amount: 30ml 


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Sunrise Serum

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Midnight Elixir

380,00 kr

What does it do for your skin?

This serum nourishes it. Brightens it. Deeply regenerates it. The Midnight serum, with dry touch oil, is formulated to provide you with eight products in one. How? Essentially, because we have selected the active ingredients that we knew would give results in a short time. And all of them were put in this serum, so that it will take care of your skin and repair it just like these 12-steps routines that take away time from your sleep.

Oily skin? Fear not!

Those of us who have oily skin tend to be scared of the word “oil”. And yes, the Midnight serum is an oil, but hear us out: it has a dry touch and leaves no shininess whatsoever. In addition, it has seboregulating ingredients and, the more you use it, the more you’ll see your skin not looking so oily anymore.

How do I apply it?

You don’t need a lot of product: 3 to 6 drops will be enough, depending on your skin type. After cleansing your skin, apply it on your hands, on the palms, and then gently press it on your face to spread uniformly.

Bakuchiol, a very powerful ingredient… but not the only one!

Is the Midnight elixir a magical oil serum? Well, no, it’s “just” a product that achieves what no other could, thanks to its high levels of bakuchiol, and its mix of 7 more ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, cacay and grape seeds, pumpkin seeds, black cumin and an extra shot of vitamin E.

Mind you, you’ll still need to do your part in the diet, rest and exercise departments! But the Midnight elixir with bakuchiol will give you the extra help to show your inner beauty… on your skin.

1% Bakuchiol

This innovative ingredient is the vegan alternative to the well-known retinol, without paying the price for its use. It’s an antioxidant, it helps with firmness, noticeably reduces fine lines, soothes acne, unifies your skin tone and it’s perfect for sensitive skins. 

Olive oil

A Mediterranean classic! Olive oil is good for our diet, but, in its purest forms, it’s also ideal for our skin. It contains vitamins E and K, which nourish and hydrate the skin, in addition to preserving its elasticity. 

Jojoba oil

This oil helps prevent aging by deeply hydrating the skin, making it firmer and elastic, but it’s also seboregulating, and it soothes any irritation that could appear on the face. 

Grapeseed oil

It contains a high level of antioxidants, vitamins C, D, E and beta carotene, which increase the skin’s resistance, making it more elastic and reducing fine lines. Also, it has hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties.