Zoom Saigu's Beloved pack
Zoom Saigu's Beloved pack
Zoom Saigu's Beloved pack
Zoom Saigu's Beloved pack

Saigu's Beloved pack

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Radiant skin in less than 5 minutes

This pack includes: foundation + highlighter + concealer + blush Simon

Less is more. You don't need long makeup routines with endless products to show off beautiful skin. One of those that when you go out into the world, you say to yourself: well, today I have the handsome up, and I don't know why. This pack combines Saigu's most desired products so that, with just a few steps (and in just a few minutes), you achieve a radiant appearance and a result of skin that radiates luminosity.

Saigu's Beloved pack

45.700 Regular price 48.100

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Olive oil

Helps keep skin hydrated, nourished and elastic all day long. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down your skin’s ageing. Don’t you just love the Mediterranean?

Jojoba oil

The ingredient that makes this suitable for absolutely any skin type. Its sebum-regulating properties help balance out both dry and oily areas, so this foundation won’t dry out your cheeks or the side of your nose, but at the same time it won’t leave your forehead as shiny as a new coin.

Rosemary oil

Another hydrating antioxidant. But if we’ve included it in this formula, it’s mainly down to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. That means it’s perfect for helping control breakouts at any age. And as if that weren’t enough, it makes the foundation last longer. Rosemary, we are not worthy.

Vitamin E

A natural explosion of antioxidants that helps protect the skin against free radicals. They’re the cause of premature ageing, so we’d rather not get too up close and personal with them. Just promise us you’ll always use sun cream too. Deal?