Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá
Zoom Powder highlighter by María Catalá

Powder highlighter by María Catalá

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A spectacular glow for your skin, with dimension and dynamism.

Ancient civilisations worshipped the sun. For the Mayas, ‘Ahau Kin’ was the name of the sun god. They represented the universal spirit of life and creation. Perhaps that’s why us humans have always been fascinated by its effects and symbolism. And that’s what inspired us to create this.

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A powder highlighter with a creamy texture that breathes life into the skin, without hiding or creating textures. One that’s fine and elegant with practically invisible particles that appear and disappear with the light.

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Powder highlighter by María Catalá


“I understand makeup as a way to sublimate your own beauty. I like to see lovely skin… that looks like skin. This powder highlighter is a dream come true, thanks to 15 years working with makeup. Together with Saigu I have been able to create it, without conditions nor restraints and lined up with my own values”.


- María Catalá, professional makeup artist.

A unique highlighter with ultra subtle texture

Pretty skin is skin you can see. That’s why we were searching for a super thin powder with a creamy finish, to achieve a dynamic glow on the skin that would not leave clear traces.


The result is a fine and elegant glow that looks completely natural.

But wait! There’s more…

This highlighter appears and disappears with movement. You could say “wait… is that magic? Are we talking…mystical stuff?” But no. No magic involved: just hours and hours of research to create the first smart powder highlighter that gives maximum reflectance when light touches the skin, but cannot be seen in the shadow or dim light. Because this is what glow does. It appears and disappears.

The Saigu x María Catalá highlighter gives dimension and dynamic glow to the skin that will be with you everywhere you go.


Just touch it. You’ll feel the absolute difference with any other powder highlighter you’ve ever tried. It has a powdery touch that blends in with your skin, leaving a silky, moisturized look. Natural reflectance; infinite glow.


Like a thin veil of color. The mica is so well grinded that you’ll never see it, not even under direct sunlight. When the light touches your skin, you’ll only see glow. No texture. No grain. No glitter.

Meet the tones: Olga and Ally

We have developed two colors with the perfect tone and subtone that adapt to both fair and tanned skins.

Ally for fairer skins, and Olga for more tanned ones, two tones created with one aim: that it would be impossible to tell where the highlighter is on your face.

What can I expect from this highlighter?

💧 It gives the skin a moisturized look without drying it out. If you’re afraid of powders because you feel they look too obvious on the skin, fear not: with this one, it will be like wearing nothing at all.

✨ It will only be visible depending on movement, and how the light touches the skin. However, if you want a sparkly glittery effect from the very first touch, this highlighter is not what you’re looking for. The reflectance is lovely and visible, but it will always look natural.

🔥 It’s modulable. If you want a subtle glow, here it is. If you want a powerful glow, here it is too. With this highlighter you have two effects and intensities in the same product. And, even when applying several layers of product, it will still look subtle and keep its light texture.

Some fun facts on its formulation (in other words: why is it so special?)

Putting together creaminess, power and reflectance in a natural product was the real challenge of this formulation. We could not use silicone, nor polymers or plastics that would change the texture on a sensorial level. We had to look for ecological and vegan substitutes that would give the same sensorial experience to the product, but also find balance between characteristics in a compactable formula.


And, in addition to it being such a lovely product for your skin, its ingredients are pure, vegan, natural, and manufactured in a sustainable way. Just what we want for each and every product we create.

How to apply it. Where to apply it. And a touch of professional makeup.

This highlighter is the product that gives the glow back to your face. It gives volume, freshness, and the natural look of a healthy skin.


Apply it on the most prominent areas of the face, those where the light naturally touches the skin: cheeks, nose bridge, eyebrow’s arch and tear ducts.


On the skin with a loose brush, and give it a finishing touch with your fingers. 


The texture is seriously thin and modulable, so you can use it with other products to change their finish and give them a matte texture, or to achieve a creamier look for the skin. For instance, after applying your blush or bronzer, use a loose brush to apply a thin veil of highlighter for a silky finish.


For a super powerful glow that does not look fake, apply a liquid highlighter followed by this powder one.

María’s most trusted friends say….


“I honestly cannot believe that a powder highlighter can look so natural. It looks like the glow is just coming from your skin. Also, with the incredible effort that was made behind the scenes to keep everything sustainable, I feel comfortable using this product, because I know that it goes way beyond mere aesthetics.”


“The magic of this product is in the movement: it appears with light, playing with reflectance, and disappears in the shadow. Ally and Olga are that kind of highlighters that you will love, yes, but everyone else will love them too.”


“It fits my skin tone perfectly!! It’s super complicated for me to find highlighters that actually look nice on my skin, usually they are too orange, or too golden. But this.. this just gets it. Also: finest, creamiest texture I’ve ever tried!”

Questions you may have on this powder highlighter

What’s the difference between your liquid highlighter and the Saigu by María Catalá one?

The Saigu highlighter has a liquid texture and a wet effect that blends in with the skin, leaving a natural, yet very visible effect. What’s special about the Saigu x María Català powder highlighter is that it works like a cream product. It’s visible when the light touches on it, but leaves no texture. It has a super thin particle and an extra natural reflectance. 

Can I apply liquid and powder together?

Yes. In fact, if you apply them together you will enhance the effect of both, and increase their duration. The glow is doubled, yet the product looks transparent on the skin. 

Can I use it without foundation?

Of course! Apply some sunscreen and then use the product. 

I have oily skin. Is it better to use powder highlighter?

All our products are non-comedogenic, which means you can use them regardless of your skin type. However, it is true that, on oily skins, some products tend to last less, and powder increases a product’s durability. If your skin is oily and you want to use one product only, it’s probably better to choose powder. 

Why this price?

Formulating a powder highlighter with all these characteristics (fine, translucent, creamy, reflectant, wet- effect texture) is complex. We have used very special raw materials that increase the price of the formula. In addition, the packaging is manufactured in Europe and completely personalized for this product.

How can I clean the packaging?

We have consciously selected a recycled packaging, and the process that its molecules undergo until they can reach your hands is quite delicate. If you want to keep it clean and nice just like the first day, we recommend not using solvents. It’s better to use oil-based products or micellar water. 

If I try it and it’s not what I expected, can I return it?

Of course. You have 15 days to change the tone or return the product, even if it’s already open and you’ve tried it on.