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Blending the best of nature and science to create natural, easy-to-use cosmetics that give both your skin and your confidence a boost.

We spend our days in the lab researching, testing, developing new formulas and making sure every ingredient is just right.

There, we come up with new formulas: every single ingredient has its own, starring role to play.

Oh, and we do everything we can to minimise the toll that takes on our planet. That’s always been a priority for us, and always will be. 

What’s caught your eye?

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Finding the perfect shade for your skin only takes a minute

Is there anything more frustrating than investing in makeup only to realise it’s not quite the right shade? Too dark. Too light. Too orange.

It’s a crying shame that so many products end up languishing in the bottom of a drawer just because they’re the wrong shade.

*95% success rate!

Start the quick test now

Life would be nothing without a little risk. But when it comes to our makeup, we prefer a sure thing.

We’ll make sure you choose products you love. And if you try them at home and they aren’t what you were expecting, no worries. We’ll refund you, no questions asked.

There’s no easier way to buy makeup from the comfort of your own home.

1. Find the perfect shade for you with our colour test.


2. Take a photo of yourself with natural light. Send it to us on WhatsApp and we’ll help you identify the right product, absolutely no strings attached.


3. Try it out for 15 days, then decide if you want to keep it, change shade, or return it. We’ll send a courier to pick it up. You won’t have to lift a finger.


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Gracia foundation + Marsha blush

Gracia foundation + Marsha blush

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Now you know what we do, find out how we do it.

This is what goes into creating every single product:

We define exactly what the product will be and what effects it will have. Colours, textures, aromas and results.

We select the locally sourced natural ingredients that will achieve just that. There’s no need to go far. We get them right here in Spain, or elsewhere in Europe.

We choose the perfect container for the product, always keeping the environment in mind. We love glass and wood. If it has to be plastic, it’s always recycled and recyclable.

We do as many lab tests as necessary to perfect the formula.

We try the product out with at least 50 independent testers. We listen to their feedback, then it’s time for tweaks and adjustments.

We take the final formula to our factory in Spain to be produced and packaged. We control the whole process from start to finish and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our reason for being:

Creating high quality, natural, sustainable cosmetics that are kind to sensitive skin.

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