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A blush for your skin and color for your lips

The highest aspiration for a blush is to recreate the natural, rosy look of your cheeks when you get complimented, or sun-kissed, or laugh out loud. This is what our creamy blush achieves, with a semi-matte finish: a blush that blends so well into your skin, it looks like it’s always been there.

It has a creamy, yet not sticky texture. With just a little touch of product, your cheeks will achieve an immediate sun-kissed look. And, as it’s modulable, it will be as natural or as intense as you wish!

All shades are perfect for any skin type: Nancy (the most peachy one), Simon (the most natural rose) and Marsha (a lovely plum color that, despite looking dark, is not dark at all).

Amount: 7g



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What can I expect from this blush?

Picture those blushed cheeks that make you look so healthy. This blush recreates that natural color, as if the rosey tone were already yours.

When formulating this product, we were aiming for three goals: that you could play with its intensity, that it would be easy to blend, and that its pigment would perfectly fit without highlighting pores or creating spots. And guess what, we did it!

We love its texture because:

• It blends easily and lasts long.
• It blends well with the rest of your makeup.
• It does not create texture on your skin.

Also, it smells like sweet cookies, and that’s always good news.

How do I apply it?

There is no only way to apply this blush, so you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable. We recommend a brush or sponge, so you will be able to control the amount of product. However, you can also gently apply and blend with your fingers.

Where should I apply it?

On your cheeks

Put it on your cheekbones, or create a stronger effect by applying it towards your temple.

On your lips

Apply it with gentle touches of your fingers for a soft finish, or use more product for more coverage.

The ingredients that create this wonderful texture

It’s formulated with 100% natural ingredients. It does not irritate your skin, nor it leads to breakouts; also, it’s so creamy that your skin will not only look hydrated… it will be for real!

Olive oil

It helps keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and elastic during the day. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging process of our skin. 

Jojoba oil

It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents premature aging, and balances the dry and oily areas of your face.

Rosemary oil

Hydrating, antioxidant oil, but its best qualities are the soothing, antibacterial properties that make it the real winning card to control acne breakups at any age.

Vitamin E

This natural antioxidant bomb helps protect our skin from free radicals. You don’t want to be anywhere near these little guys, as they are responsible for early aging in our face.