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Midnight Elixir

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Your complete night-time routine in one product

Oil serum with Bakuchiol + 7 active ingredients (30ml)

Imagine if every night someone came to tuck you in, sing lullabies in your ear and make sure you sleep as sweetly as possible. That’s more or less what the Midnight Elixir does for your skin.

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The ingredients in this serum deeply nourish and hydrate, firm up the skin, soften laughter lines, help fade marks and blemishes, reduce acne, illuminate the skin and plump it up. It’s a cocktail of natural and local ingredients we’ve carefully selected to help your skin regenerate and repair so it looks as good as new when you wake up in the morning.

Amount: 30ml 


Goes with:

Sunrise Serum


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Midnight Elixir


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What does it do for your skin?

It nourishes. It illuminates. It deeply regenerates. This dry touch oil serum is formulated to act as eight products in one. How? Well, it’s basically because we’ve selected the active ingredients we knew would give you quick results. And we've packed them all into the Midnight Elixir to care for and repair your skin. Just as if you were doing one of those long 12-step skincare routines, and losing precious sleep time in the process.

Greasy skin? No problem

Those of us with greasy skin dread the word 'oil'. We think that if we put oil on our faces, the shininess we already have to deal with during the day will end up being blinding. But nothing could be further from the truth. The Midnight Elixir is an oil serum, yes. But it’ll leave you with a dry-to-the-touch feeling, not shiny at all. It also has sebum-regulating ingredients. Using it regularly, you'll find your skin will naturally look less shiny.

How to apply it

This isn’t a product for you to pour all over your face. Between 3 and 6 drops will be enough depending on your skin type. After cleansing, apply it first to your hands, then spread it over your palms and work it into your face to distribute it evenly.

Bakuchiol, a powerful active ingredient, and more

Is the Midnight Elixir an oil serum with magical properties? No, it’s a product that achieves what no other does thanks to its high bakuchiol content and its mix of 7 other ingredients: olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa and grape seed oil, pumpkin oil, black cumin oil plus an extra shot of vitamin E.

Of course, you'll have to do your part when it comes to diet, rest and exercise. But Midnight Elixir with bakuchiol gives you the boost you need to bring out your skin’s inner beauty.

1% Bakuchiol

This innovative ingredient is the vegan alternative to the well-known retinol. It’s an antioxidant, improves firmness, noticeably smoothes fine lines, calms acne, evens your skin tone and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Olive oil

The liquid gold of the Mediterranean, olive oil is great in our diets, but in its purest forms it’s also perfect for our skin. It has a high content of vitamins E and K which nourish, hydrate and maintain natural elasticity. 

Jojoba oil

This oil helps prevent the signs of ageing by deeply moisturising the skin and making it more elastic and firm. It’s also sebum-regulating and soothes any minor irritations that might appear on the face.

Grapeseed oil

This is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, D, E and beta-carotene, which increase the skin's resistance, making it more elastic and disguising wrinkles. It also has moisturising, regenerating and restructuring properties.