Who says we have to accept the world just as it is? With its beauty standards, its production processes and its consumption model.


At Saigu we’ve rebelled against all that. And that’s why we’re here, talking to you.

Respect is the driver of the change we want to see in the world.

Respect for resources, which are finite. For animals and nature, which give us life. And for unique, wonderful you. 


It turns out it wasn’t impossible to do things in a way that made us proud. All we had to do was take the reins. And that’s why we decided that the whole production process would take place right here at Saigu.

Creating every product from scratch in our lab, with natural, local ingredients that give you the results you’re looking for.

Choosing sustainable packaging from close by, with the minimum impact possible.

Offering you a full guarantee, so you never have to keep a product that doesn’t meet your expectations once you’ve tried it on your skin.

And reminding you often that make up isn’t for rubbing out imperfections, but just for highlighting whatever you like, whenever you like. Because you already look amazing without it.

We’re a team of people with big dreams,but feet firmly on the ground .

We want the cosmetics industry to make peace with the environment, and with our body image.

And, by questioning the system and working hard with experts in the sector, we’re showing that responsible cosmetics are possible.

And that the following can go hand in hand:

· Effectiveness and natural ingredients.

· Running a business and being sustainable.

· Cosmetics and self love.

We’re incredibly proud to have achieved this. But we’re also so proud to have the recognition of the main media and well-known figures in the makeup world and, of course, of every one of the people who have a Saigu product in their makeup bag.

There’s nothing about you that needs fixing or covering up.

Makeup is a friend for you to have fun with when you want to, not a toll you have to pay to meet beauty standards.

Never compare yourself. We never do.

No one is better than anyone. No body, no skin type, no brand.

Live and let live. Animals, plants, the planet.

That’s what sustainability is for us. Get everything you can out of life and let everyone else do the same, today and 500 years from now.

Everything’s impossible if you don’t try.

They said it was impossible to create a high-quality cosmetics brand with natural ingredients and sustainable processes, but here we are.

Stick to what you know.

Look around you. What if everything you needed was right within your reach? The Mediterranean gives us almost everything we need to create our products.

Be water, my friend 😉

Natural, transparent, alive and serene, but with a force and determination no one can stand in the way of. Our name, Saigu, is the way ‘s’aigua’ (that’s ‘water’ in Menorcan) is pronounced.