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Putting together the best of nature and science to create natural cosmetics, easy to use and comfortable to wear, recharging your skin…. and boosting your mood.

We research, we select, we test. Over and over again. Welcome to our daily lab routine.

There, we come up with new formulas: every single ingredient has its own, starring role to play.

We make our best effort to minimize our footprint on this Earth. Sustainability is one of our top priorities.

What’s catching your eye?

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One minute to find the perfect shade for your skin

We know all too well the frustration of purchasing new makeup… just to find out that - gosh!

You got the wrong tone! it’s too dark, too light, too yellow….. So many products end up abandoned in a drawer just because of a tone mistake - help us stop this tragedy!

95% reliability!

Start the test now

Taking risks in life can be fun, but when purchasing your makeup, it’s not so fun anymore.

We make sure that the products you choose will match you perfectly. And, if you try them on at home and decide they are not what you expected, no panic: we got you! You’ll be refunded, no offense taken.

There is no easier way to purchase your cosmetics from your confi home!

Choose the perfect tone for you with our color test (95% reliability). If you still have doubts, go to point nº 2.


Take a selfie with natural light and send it to us on Whatsapp. We’ll help you choose which tone or product would match you.


Returns and exchanges within 15 days. If you wish to return or change a product, we’ll pick it up, no questions asked, no extra price, you don’t need to lift a finger.


What look will you go for today?

Gracia foundation + Marsha blush

Gracia foundation + Marsha blush

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So now you know what we do. Let’s discuss how we do it.

This is what’s behind every product - the truth that no one sees.

We create the product you are dreaming of. Colors, texture, scents and finish.

We pick local, natural ingredients that will grant us the best results. No need to ship from the tropics: we have what we need right here in Spain and Europe.

We choose the perfect packaging that will keep the product AND the environment safe. We love glass and wood. If plastic is needed, so be it, but always recycled and recyclable.

We carry out as many tests as needed in the lab, until we get our own perfect formula - if we don’t feel proud, the idea is out.

We test the product with at least 50 independent people. We get the feedback, then fix and adjust what is needed.

We take our final formula to our factory in Spain for production and packaging. As we control the whole process, we don’t miss a single detail.

This is who we are.

Creating our high quality, natural cosmetics from scratch, making them sustainable, and delicate even on the most sensitive skins.

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The best way to show our results is… to read the opinions of those who have tried us.

When we read what you say about us, well…. that’s when we really blush (Thank you. We are so proud!)

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