“Accept the world as it is”, they say. With their beauty standards, production processes and consumption models. Well, why should we?


In Saigu we have raised up against these rules, and that’s why we are here now, speaking to you.

Respect is the sparkle starting the fire, the seed of the change we want to see in the world

Respect for resources, as they are limited; for animals and nature, as they give us life; and respect for you, as you are your own unique person on this Earth.


Turns out that doing things in a way that makes us proud is not impossible after all. We just had to take charge, so we decided that we would carry out the whole production process at Saigu. 

Formulating each product from scratch in our lab, with natural, locally sourced ingredients that give us the results you wish to see on your skin. 

Choosing sustainable packaging, no need for shipping them from the other side of the planet, as we want to reduce our ecological footprint.

Offering a full guarantee, so that you will never be stuck with a product that does not fulfill your expectations after you tried it on.

And reminding you that make up is not meant to be a mask, but rather a brush, to create anything you want, whenever you want, and have fun in the process. Because guess what? You already are amazing, just the way you are. 

So we are a team of people who dream big, but have their feet on the Earth.

We set out to make a change in the neverending conflict between the cosmetic industry and the environment, and in the not-so-stable relationship between the perception of our own image…. and ourselves.

And, thanks to questioning the system and working hard with experts in this field, we are now proving that offering responsible cosmetics is possible.

And that:

· the effectiveness of natural ingredients
· having a company and being sustainable
· cosmetics and self-love


Are all compatible things!

We are proud not only of having achieved this, but also of having the acknowledgment and recognition of the main specialized media, of prominent figures in the makeup world, and of each one of the people carrying a Saigu product in their purse. 

There is nothing in you that should be covered or hidden.

Makeup is a fun friend to use whenever you feel like it, not a price to pay for fulfilling beauty standards.

Don’t compare yourself. We don’t either.

No one is better than anyone else. Neither people, nor skins or brands.

Live and let live. Animals, plants, the planet.

This is what sustainability means to us. Making the most out of our lives, and letting the rest do the same, now or 500 years from now.

Everything is impossible if you don’t try.

Creating a high quality cosmetics brand that uses natural ingredients and has sustainable processes was impossible too, yet here we are, aren't we?

We like what’s good and familiar.

Look around you, closely. What if everything you need is already there, no need to go far off searching? The Mediterranean Sea gives us almost everything we need for our products.

Be water, my friend 😉

Natural, clear, alive and peaceful, but with unstoppable strength and determination. Did you know that Saigu means “water” in the local language of the Menorca island?