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Eternal summer…. on your skin

If your skin could pick a season, it would be summer. That’s why this creamy bronzer is especially made to perfectly recreate the healthy glow of a sun kissed skin.

It has the perfect balance between cold and warm subtones, which is essential for the brightness of your face!

Its texture is creamy and semi-matte, with a lovely, juicy finish. Its translucent effect will make you feel like your skin is bare. It’s also modulable: you can build your own tan and decide whether you feel like wearing a more subtle or bright finish.

Choose between two tones, both of them will adjust to your skin tone and blend easily.

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The people who helped us formulate the bronzer say….

Maria Catala

“In my opinion, it has the perfect balance between cold and warm tones. It recreates perfectly the tone I would have if I got tanned, you can’t really tell I’m wearing makeup at all”


“Its creamy texture is glorious, and so is the scent. It blends super easily with the skin and the shade is ideal, it recreates that sun kissed effect that we all love so much. I can assure you, these folks did not stop until they found the perfect shade and formula.”

Why is this cream bronzer so special?

We spent hours and hours on its formula to achieve the perfect shade. One that would not be orangey, nor too red, nor too gray. The result is this cream bronzer that recreates a super natural tan, giving freshness and liveliness to the skin at any time of the year.


We love its texture because:


• It’s creamy, but not oily at all (we love ourselves a jucy cheek, but no shininess, thank you)

• No spots after application, it blends in very well.

• It’s like not wearing makeup at all, as the tan looks real.


Also, it smells of sweet vanilla, and this is always a plus.

How and where do I apply it?

When using foundation, the skin loses its natural volume. A few touches of bronzer will highlight the areas of your face that would naturally tan when exposed to the sun.


• Apply with your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. However, we recommend a sponge or brush because blending will be easier, creating a unified, natural color shade.


• Use it on your cheeks, nose bridge and high area of the forehead. Also, you can create shades on your eyelids to give dimension to your makeup and obtain a quicker sun kissed effect.


Its ingredients make it so much more than a bronzer

Its formula contains 100% natural, active ingredients, such as olive and jojoba oil, so this product is not only a bronzer - it’s a little treat (and treatment!) for your skin. 

Olive oil

It helps keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and elastic during the day. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging process of our skin. We love the Mediterranean!

Jojoba oil

It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents premature aging, and balances the dry and oily areas of your face.

Rosemary oil

Hydrating, antioxidant oil, but its best qualities are the soothing, antibacterial properties that make it the real winning card to control acne breakups at any age. 

Vitamin E

This natural antioxidant bomb helps protect our skin from free radicals. You don’t want to be anywhere near these little guys, as they are responsible for early aging in our face.