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And there was Light… on your skin

If the sun could kiss your skin, the result would be this highlighter: natural ingredients that give your look that special “woa, what a lovely skin, what’s your secret?” effect.

Its light formula perfectly recreates natural light; its lovely reflectivity leaves a subtle, discreet, elegant finish. No glittery glitter this time, thank you!

Something was clear from the beginning, when we started creating its formula: besides the possibility of using it almost daily (since it’s so easy to apply and blend), the light particles had to be minuscule. The result is a healthy, jucy, radiant skin, but no excess shininess!

Amount: 8g

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What can I expect from this highlighter?

Picture those glowing, healthy, hydrated skins that make you wonder… how do they do that?? Well, this highlighter does the trick.

Apply some light spots in the highest areas of your face to create natural volume and enhance your features in just a matter of seconds.

We love this highlighter because its liquid formula:

• Can be perfectly applied and blended with the rest of your makeup.
• Is silky, but not shiny.
• Does not create texture on your skin.

It only gives light. A tone of light.

How do I apply the highlighter to make the best of it?

1. Before putting on your foundation, to subtly enhance your natural glow.

2. Together with your foundation, to get a juicier effect on the skin.

3. After your foundation and on strategic areas, to give volume to your face.

The ingredients that achieve the glow

It’s formulated with 99,5% of natural ingredients, 38% of which are organic. That’s why it does not irritate the skin, nor it leads to breakouts.

In addition to striving for the highlighter with the smallest light particles in the market, we also wanted active ingredients that would keep the skin hydrated when wearing it.

Olive oil

It helps keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and elastic during the day. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging process of our skin. We love the Mediterranean!

Jojoba oil

It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents premature aging, and balances the dry and oily areas of your face.

Rosemary oil

Hydrating, antioxidant oil, but it was chosen in this formula for its soothing, antibacterial properties that make it the real winning card to control acne breakups at any age. Also, thanks to this oil the highlighter stays in place for much longer. We love you, rosemary.

Vitamin E

This natural antioxidant bomb helps protect our skin from free radicals. You don’t want to be anywhere near these little guys, as they are responsible for early aging in our face. BUT no more forgetting about your sunscreen either, ok? It’s a deal.