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Wake up the brightness in your gaze

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me… how have I slept so far?” If our gaze could show something of us, that would be our inner universe. It’s the way to show how we rest, or how we are feeling, that’s why a concealer should grant us one wish: a fresh, renewed look.

Its light and fluid texture makes this possible. It reduces dark circles and unifies the skin tone without creating any creases or fine lines. Also, the hydrated and bright look will definitely stand out.

It has a semi-matte finish and a medium coverage. And, as it contains natural oils, in addition to concealing imperfections, it takes care of the most delicate area of your face.

Amount: 8ml



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What can I expect from this concealer?

Can a concealer give you that rested look you get when you sleep 8 hours in a row? Well, yes, and with a minimum amount of product.

When formulating this concealer, we aimed for a nice blend with the skin, a comfortable feeling, and no cracking effect nor highlighted fine lines on your circles.

When applying it, your eye circles will be soft and hydrated, obtaining a natural brightness for your gaze.

What we love about it:

• Its coverage is full, yet invisible.
• Very easy to spread.
• Super natural finish.

How do I apply it?

The skin around your eyes is very thin, so the less the better! Apply thin layers of product until you achieve the desired effect, and spread it with gentle touches to blend. Avoid dragging the product with strong fingers!

Where should I apply it?

You’ll apply the concealer between the dark circles and cheek, concealing the difference that usually appears in this area. If you want to cover or conceal the volume differences created by dark circles, you will not only apply it on the half moon between the circle and the cheek, but also towards the septum, creating a more square frame for this area.


Apply from bottom to top! The idea is to leave the area below your eyes as product-free as possible, so that fine lines will not be highlighted, and the finish will look better.

Ingredients that nourish your gaze

This concealer is formulated with 99,5% of natural ingredients, 38% of which are organic. That’s why people with the most sensitive skin tell us they are happy with it.

In addition, it has active ingredients such as rosemary oil, which help keep your skin hydrated and reduce dark circles. There are more ingredients, all of them carefully selected.

Olive oil

It helps keep the skin of your eye circles hydrated, nourished, and elastic during the day. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging process of our skin. We love the Mediterranean!

Jojoba oil

Your eye circles need a lot of hydration to avoid those uncomfortable fine lines that sometimes appear when we use a concealer. Jojoba oil helps with this purpose. An ingredient rich in vitamin E that is antioxidant AND protects the skin.

Rosemary oil

Hydrating, antioxidant oil, but it was chosen in this formula for its soothing properties that help reduce inflammation under your eyes.

Vitamin E

This natural antioxidant bomb helps protect our skin from free radicals. You don’t want to be anywhere near these little guys, as they are responsible for early aging in our face. BUT no more forgetting about your sunscreen either, ok? It’s a deal.