Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder
Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder
Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder
Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder
Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder
Zoom Velvet effect Translucent Powder

Velvet effect Translucent Powder

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A limitless softening and matte effect

If there’s one thing we’re very sure we don’t want in life, it’s shiny skin. But when it comes to makeup, there are plenty of other things we’d add to that list. We don’t want our pores or wrinkles to be highlighted. We don’t want our skin to look dry. We do want it to look healthier, smoother and softer. And above all, we most definitely want all of the above to last for hours and hours.

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Can just one product really do all that, giving your skin that perfect matte effect without masking its radiance? Well, this translucent powder enriched with double-hydrating hyaluronic acid can.

It’s a matte powder but won’t do anything to dampen from that natural glow. It controls shine and softens the texture of your skin to leave a silky, healthy finish.

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Velvet effect Translucent Powder


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Fine as fine can be, never adding texture to the skin or getting in the way of its glow

We’ve sourced raw materials that are as light as a feather and transparent, because we wanted to make sure this wouldn’t be visible on the skin. The result is a translucent powder that acts as an invisible veil, which won’t weigh you down or be at all obvious.

We love creating products that are more than just one-trick ponies. That’s why...

It’s a three in one

It controls shine and mattifies, and smooths and blurs the texture of the face. Thanks to its active ingredients, it’ll leave you with hydrated skin that feels glorious.

It won’t weigh you down

As this powder is ultrafine, you can use it safe in the knowledge that its hydrating active ingredients will continue to work on your skin for hours on end, without drying it out. 

It takes comfort to the next level

It won’t make your face feel stiff, but will help your makeup last all day long.

It has just a touch of colour

But you can use it to seal your makeup without altering your skin tone or adding any coverage to your skin.

It’s designed for all skin types

Oily, normal and dry. On the other hand, if your skin produces a lot of oil and you need an ultra-mattifying powder, this one may not be right for you.

How and where to apply it


There are no hard and fast rules for applying a translucent powder, but here are a few tips that may work for you depending on the finish you're looking for.


With a powder brush

For a velvety effect. To soften and blend the texture of the skin, apply to the face in fine layers. Light pressure will help the powder adhere well.


With a powder puff
For a more powerful matte effect. If you want to boost the matte effect and keep shine even more firmly under control, apply the powder in fine layers with a powder puff, using slightly more pressure.

Why is there hyaluronic acid in the formula?


When looking for the perfect translucent powder, it’s easy to end up choosing one that’s too heavy and dry. The drier the powder, the more any wrinkles and the texture of the skin will stand out.


We searched high and low for raw materials that would give us this ultra-fine texture. And we’ve added hyaluronic acid to the formula to make up for the dehydrating effect powder can have. That means your skin will be left more elastic, fresher and softer, and that glorious sensation will last for hours and hours. 

And it’s also enriched with vitamin E


A natural explosion of antioxidants that helps protect the skin from free radicals, which we’d rather not get too up close and personal with.


Does it have any colour to it?

Yes, an extremely subtle colour that won’t alter your skin tone.

What type of brush should I apply it with?

For the face and T zone, it’s best to use a powder brush. For the under-eye area, it’s better to use a smaller one that gives you more precision. You can also use a powder puff if you’re looking to amp up the mattifying effect.

I have dry skin. Can I use this?

Yes! To make sure this worked for dry and mature skin too, we made sure to include hyaluronic acid with a double moisturising effect. That means it’ll feel good on your skin for hour after hour. And as it’s so fine, it’ll keep your skin looking healthy without drying it out.  

I’ve got really oily skin. Will this work for me?

Yes, as long as you’re not looking for an ultra-matte powder that will keep shine under control for hours and hours on end. This powder is designed to have a matte effect, but it’s not specifically for oily skin. If you don’t mind retouching it now and gain, it’ll be perfect for you.

Can I use this as a foundation?

This translucent powder doesn’t give any coverage, and it doesn’t even out or correct your skin tone.

You can definitely use it with foundation, just not as a substitute.

Can I use it to finish the eye area?

Yes, you can use it anywhere on the face. But remember, the eye area is a sensitive one and creases and texture are easily created. So, remember to moisturise before you apply this powder.